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The Duffy House Day of Pampering
The TalKing Show
The TalKing Show
Interviewing Billy Bush on the red-carpet at the Oscars
With Pink after Interview
In Print Ad for XM Radio
In Print Ad for XM MP3
On set of Crazy Eights
With Cindy Morgan at Comicon
Christine and Molly on the red carpet at the Harry Potter Premier in New York
Broadcasting live from the Telikin Studios
With David Cook after interview and performance
Christine with Aidan and Kaitlin on the steps of the Titanic Museum for a scene in Adventures with Aidan.
Outside of the Titanic Museum on AWA shoot.
Christine filming a scene in front of Wilderness at The Smokies in TN.
Aidan riding the wave board for his travel show Adventures with Aidan.
Shooting AWA in the great Smoky Mountains, getting ready for a trail ride.
Broadminded live Breast Cancer Awareness Show in DC.
Interviewing Susan Somers in NY Studios
With Ali Brown at The Radical Women's Conference in DC
With Jillian Michaels at the Radical Women's Conference in DC
Pauly Shore hosted the show with us
More Pauly
With Suze Orman at The Radical Women's Conference in DC
Having fun at Comicon
Breast Cancer Awareness Live Show
With Brenda Strong at The Go Red for Women Fashion Show in NY
On the set of Crazy Eights
Aidan in studio with producer Jason
A very young Aidan doing liners for Broadminded
Doubling for Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie Hush
Early Days at XM
Why not???
Emcee Fashion Show in VA
Interviewing Rocco Dispirito in NY Studios
Shoot in TN for Adventures with Aidan
Telikin Computers Commercial in Philly
The TalKing Show in LA
Hanging in the sun between shots at the Telluride Film Festical
Being interview by The Russ Parr Morning Show
TalKing Show Banner
With Jeff Hughes on the set of The Profit filmed in Florida
Doing interview from The Disney studios for Super Soap Weekend
CES Poster
I'm a pretty princess :)
With Dina Meyer filming a scene for Crazy Eights
XM Live Event
Adventures with Aidan shoot in TN
On the set of The Profit with Eric Rath and Jane Eaton
Telikin Commercial
All bloody and ready to be thrown out of a car for The Profit
Sailboat Scene from The Profit
On the set of Hush
Russ Parr interview
I am on the other end of that mic, do you see how he is looking at me??? Yummy Red Carpet of The Oscars
Storm scene in The Profit
John Schneider co-hosted Broadminded with us.
On the set of CNN in DC waiting to be interviewed
Interviewing Ryan Seacrest back stage at The Oscars
Doubling for Gwyneth Paltrow in Hush
Downtime on the set of Crazy Eights
Interviewing Jeff Goldblum for Starz at The Telluride Film Festival
With Aidan getting ready to ride go carts for Adventures with Aidan
CES Poster
Stand up for The TalKing Show
After interview Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum for 22 Jump Street Premiere
Stand up shot for Adventures with Aidan
On CNN with Kyra Phillips
With jewelry designer to the stars at The Oscars(I really loved that ring)
With Ice Cube after 22 Jump Street interview
With Adam Lambert after interview in NY
Screen Shot of political campaign commercial in DC
Opening scene of the movie of the week Flight From Justice the DB Cooper story
Interviewing The Oscar he didn't talk much!
With Laura Wright aka Carly on General Hospital and Sherry Sherry at Super Soap Weekend
Scene from the MOW Flight from Justice the DB Cooper Story
With my future husband Colin Egglesfield at Super Soap
With all the fellow fans of ABC soaps!