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The Duffy Project provides services to help women and children, who are living in domestic violence situations and survivors of sexual violence, to rebuild their lives.  Christine created and founded The Duffy House in 2008.  The mission of The Duffy House is to provide a compassionate safe haven that encourages security, personal growth, happiness, and independence for women and their children who are survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse.  
On Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Christine debuted STEM on BroadmindedSTEM (The Second Tuesday of Every Month) focuses on survivor's stories of domestic abuse and sexual violence. By doing these interviews, Christine is bringing awareness to these issues which is helping survivors realize they're not alone.

April 12, 2011 - Christine's first guest was Liz Seccuro, a wife, mother, and victims' rights activist was one of the first rape victims to share her story with the country. She documents her story in her 2011 memoir, "Crash Into Me: A Survivor's Search for Justice".
January 10, 2012 - David Cuthbertson, Assistant Director of the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division, and Kim Gandy, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW) discuss the landmark change to the definition of rape.
December 13, 2011 - Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal. The Franklin Scandal is the story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. 
November 8, 2011 - Hilary Madsen, LCSW, provides individual and family therapy for victims and perpetrators of domestic violence in Salt Lake City. She is a spokesperson for SAVE (Stop Abusive and Violent Environments). Her path-breaking work with male victims of partner abuse has attracted national attention.
October 11, 2011 - Michele Swinson is with the April/May Foundation, a non-profit organization with a distinct mission to obliterate sexual victimization against children, women, and girls.