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Broadminded, a talk show which debuted on XM Radio in October 2005, lasted thru the merger with SiriusXM but was cancelled in March 2013. To hear interviews from Christine's days with Broadminded click here.
On Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Christine debuted a monthly awareness series on Broadminded called STEM. STEM (The Second Tuesday of Every Month) focuses on survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence. You can read and hear more about STEM on The Duffy House page.  
Radio and Podcasting experience
Radio & Podcasting Experience
Christine Eads, co-founder of the Digital Radio show The Mom Squad Show, is a seasoned talk show host, entertainment show contributor and blogger. Her previous radio creation Broadminded was successfully on Sirius/XM Radio from 2005 – 2013 and grew an audience base >3 Million listeners.  Christine's love for work behind a mic began with her working as a traffic reporter for Westwood One in Washington D.C.  She reported for DC101, WTOP, WASH, and WETA to name a few.  That lead to her being offered a DJ position with DC101 and a position nationally reporting traffic on XM Satellite Radio.  While working as a traffic and weather reporter for XM she pitched the idea of Broadminded to the XM talk programming department and the idea was well received landing her a full time position as a daily Talk Show Host.  Kyra Phillips(CNN) was a regular guest on Broadminded and they quickly became friends.  When Broadminded was cancelled Kyra and Christine co-founded The Mom Squad Show which Christine loves doing every week.  

The Mom Squad Show - is a witty, edgy and modern perspective on life from Two Moms, Two Journalists, Two Hosts and Two Friends. Straight from the Kyra’s kitchen and Christine’s den/playroom these two smart and zany moms discuss news of the day, pop culture, mommy hood and men in a way that will make you laugh, think and be inspired. There’s no makeup, no hair dresser, and no frills just real moms, real life.